Manetsch Lab

Medicinal chemistry and chemical biology are rapidly expanding disciplines aiming at the understanding of important biological processes using organic chemistry. Both disciplines are cornerstones of the pharmaceutical industry and commonly driven by highly skilled multidisciplinary teams. In order to impact these competitive research areas as an academic, the Manetsch laboratory focuses on important and fundamental research ideas, which are considered to be risky and/or not profitable from an industry perspective.
The major research interests of the Manetsch laboratory consist of:

(a) Hit-to-lead optimization for neglected parasitic diseases.

(b) Development and application of a fragment-based screening platform termed kinetic Target-Guided Synthesis (TGS) targeting protein-protein interactions and other targets considered to be “undruggable”.

(c) Development of synthetic approaches for the straightforward preparation of compound series of interest.

(d) Development of specific probes or labeling tools for fluorescence or mass spectrometry based identification of relevant biomolecules
Over the years, the Manetsch laboratory was fortunate to establish strong collaborations with research groups significantly supporting ongoing and past research activities in the Manetsch laboratory: