Manetsch Lab

Synthetic Chemistry

The Manetsch laboratory is interest in the discovery and optimization of chemical reactions enabling the straightforward preparation of compounds with interesting activities or properties. For hit-to-lead optimizations, kinetic target-guided synthesis, as well as the preparation of probe molecules, the development of new synthetic protocols have been instrumental.

Selected Publications:

Metal-Free Arylation of Ethyl Acetoacetate with Hypervalent Diaryliodonium Salts: an Immediate Access to Diverse 3-Aryl-4(1H)-Quinolones

Monastyrskyi A, Namelikonda N K, Manetsch R. J Org Chem 2014; 80, 2513-2502

Regioselective O 2′, O 3′-Deacetylations of Peracetylated Ribonucleosides by Using Tetra- n -butylammonium Fluoride.

Kumar, A. B.; Manetsch, R. European J. Org. Chem. 2014, 3551–3555.

A simple base-mediated amidation of aldehydes with azides.

Kulkarni, S. S.; Hu, X.; Manetsch, R. Chem. Commun. (Camb).2013, 49, 1193–1195.

Sulfo-click reaction via in situ generated thioacids and its application in kinetic target-guided synthesis.

Namelikonda, N. K.; Manetsch, R. Chem. Commun. (Camb).2012, 48, 1526–1528.

Divergent route to access structurally diverse 4-quinolones via mono or sequential cross-couplings.

Cross, R. M.; Manetsch, R. J. Org. Chem.2010, 75, 8654–8657.